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Discussion board 2 org dyn Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Discussion board 2 org dyn - Essay Example Simms et al. (1994) note that understanding organizational dynamics and human behavior helps to better develop the conceptualization of the organization’s life, which is the main goal of all theorists of organizations. Understanding human behavior within an organizational can help the leader understand the interests of his/her followers and hence effectively position them in the various labor divisions. This leads to increased productivity, besides increasing workers commitment and satisfaction. When workers are allocated in their areas of interest, they work hard leading to increased organizational performance and hence profits. This ensures that the companies are able to survive the tough economic times without major difficulties. This knowledge is also valuable in helping an organization to enjoy a competitive edge as well as well as improve it decision making. According to Shuler (2009), understanding human behavior and organizational dynamics helps a leader to build an enterprise that entails a wide analytical capability which is more important than having laboring professionals who have no sense of direction. Analytical analysis of employees’ talents at all levels provides valuable da ta that leaders can use to make decisions in the organization, thus generating good business results. A business also faces various challenges from its dynamic nature. These include profits, losses, high demand for its products, and few market and product competition among others. Therefore, understanding these dynamics and their cycle in the business can effectively help a leader to predict and plan for such changes in advance. This knowledge can be used by the leader to make decision that will maximize the benefits and minimize losses as much as possible. Such results produce good financial reports for the organization, which it can use to access financial support

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How Canadian doing business in China Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

How Canadian doing business in China - Essay Example China is the epitome of Eastern culture. Any business communications between two countries must be done with care. Western culture in terms of the spoken language can be characterized as low-context. This means Westerners speak in a direct, frank, and oftentimes blunt manner as their language is precise and specific. In contrast, the Eastern culture is high-context in that besides the spoken word, there are added elements to communications such as a smile, frown, silence, aphorism, metaphor, anecdote, or even a joke to deliver a message (Norales, 2006). Added to these subtleties are the strictly local concepts of guanxi and of â€Å"face.† This paper discusses the enduring values and utility of guanxi and face when in China. Guanxi – this refers to the personalized network of contacts and influences in Chinese society. Basically, this word combines the two concepts of relationships and connections which are very central in how Chinese society functions. It is an all-encompassing idea that links two people in a mutually beneficial relationship although the relationship may not be always between two equals. In guanxi, there is an implicit general understanding (without specific requests or demands) in which people benefit from the social connections they had developed over the years through a cycle of reciprocity in granting favors. In this context, a Canadian businessman should first try to develop his guanxi by joining a club or a business association to gain contacts before asking any direct favors from the Chinese. Other members of the association can evaluate the Canadians sincerity by interacting with him without business in mind. Business can be discussed later only when trust is gained and people know each other better (Reuvid & Li, 2006). Guanxi in its literal meaning is â€Å"pass to a hierarchy† and a successful businessman gains influence and the necessary